Off Leash Adventure GROUP Hike

This is more then just a walk in the park! 

This off leash adventure hike is tailored to the active average pup looking for an exciting outing.

This hour and half hike is filled with treks up hills, through ravines, into swimming holes and around forested trails where your dog will have the opportunity to experience nature at its best!. This off leash adventure is suitable for dogs that are in need of an energy outlet, are in a good healthy state and socially proper with other dogs and people.

Contact us today for further details!


1 dog: $25.00
2nd dog same household: $10.00
3rd dog same household:  $10.00

This price includes pick up and drop off from your home or office, clean up, water fill and a healthy treat!


Please note

Your pampered pooch will be away for up to two hours or longer when choosing this service.

The length of time will depend on the location of our adventure, the number of dogs joining the excursion, travel time for pick ups and drop offs, and a one hour hike.

Each excursion has a maximum of 10 dogs, all dogs are matched according to personality and stamina to ensure safety and fun.


Senior Sociables

This service is tailored specifically for senior pooches looking to enjoy the company of other older dogs and are comfortable with being off leash.

This off leash senior stroll is 35-45 minutes long and is an easy hike that is made for pups ready to enjoy their golden years but not quite ready for retirement!

Contact us for further details and we’ll happily go over the ins and outs of this service for your senior pooch!


1 dog: $20.00
2nd dog same household: $10.00
3rd dog same household:  $10.00


Welcoming existing and new clients!

Our in home boarding service is adjusted to a maximum of 5 dogs during each boarding period to provide a comfortable, calm and fun environment for all pups joining.

All new clients will be provided with a consultation to ensure compatibility of your dog for the duration of their stay.

All new and current dogs joining our boarding service will be signed up to join either our off leash adventure hike or our senior sociable hike (seniors only) as a prerequisite at an additional fee according to our price list. This is to guarantee your dog will be happy, content, and exercised during his or her time with us at K9 Trekkers.

An in home environment is provided for your pooch on a fully fenced acreage along with constant supervision, play time, and plenty of fun!

For more details on this service please contact us directly.


1 dog: $30.00/night
Each additional dog same household: $10.00/night

Backyard Visit

A potty break visit is approximately a 15 minute visit for any dog or puppy in need of a quick break. This service includes a pee break, a romp in the yard, play time, water fill and clean up if needed.


1 potty break visit: $10.00/1 dog  ~  $15.00/2+ dogs
2nd potty break visit same day: $8.00/1 dog  ~  $10.00/2+ dogs

~Please note this service is currently unavailable~ 


*Please note in certain circumstances if your dog is in need of extra training within our group hikes, solo walks, or for the duration while boarding at K9, an additional fee will be discussed on an individual client basis.*

Thank you for your understanding