About the Owner



From the start

Olivia was born and raised in her native country, Poland. Her love for dogs began with the family farm min-pin cross named Mishka. The bond between dog and human grew into a unique friendship, a devotion that many family members remember.

Once situated in Canada, the love for dogs extended to the whole family, resulting in the adoption of a Doberman Pinscher named Polo; a family dog that created many memories and is missed dearly.

CONTINUED Experience

Later in life, Olivia relocated to Edmonton, AB to pursue her college education and soon after met her husband Ryan. Along with her new hubby (who took it upon himself to spontaneously rescue a young pup that lived in deplorable conditions) she found herself with a sudden adorable ball of fur named Sasha! Although loved, Sasha was a problematic creature that stemmed from lack of socialization skills to just plain quirky! These hardships encouraged both of them to learn more about these animals we as people house, love, and wonder about.

The learning and studying of dog psychology began with an open mind and plenty of patience. The education taught them many unknowns, like animal rescue, the SPCA and illegal breeding in puppy mills. Slowly, they began to understand that there was more to a dog's needs than just the basics.

Determined to help in even the smallest of ways, a visit to the local SPCA was made, resulting in the adoption of one bossy puppy named Sadie. For everyone involved, even Sash, a bond was formed and a home of happy companionship was created that settled their lives into a life that was filled with adventures, sometimes questions..?... but mainly contentment and devotion.

At the time, Olivia's career was in the health care administration field, but a milestone was reached when she began volunteering for a rescue organization called Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCARS) in Edmonton, AB.

In an effort to help, Olivia and her husband Ryan began fostering abused, abandoned, and neglected puppies and dogs. The goal within the rescue organization was to first establish health, determine the adaptability in each dog and lastly to find an appropriate home; hence the "second chance". 
For SCARS many trials and tribulations are endured with problematic dogs which unfortunately are due to abuse and neglect. For those dogs who suffer from fear, shyness, or aggression a trainer is consulted to help reverse these behavioral issues; granting many dogs a chance at another life.
These specific situations gave Olivia an opportunity to learn from a certified trainer who taught her to handle difficult and unbalanced dogs, basic obedience training, and positive reinforcement strategies.

Olivia worked with SCARS for over three years, it was an educational opportunity that will continue to benefit her in future endeavours.

BC & Vancouver Island

In 2009 a sudden career opportunity for her husband relocated their lives to Vancouver, BC. 
Once there, Olivia changed her own career path to fulfill her desire to work with animals and was hired by a certified dog walker in North Vancouver.

During her employment she was mentored and educated about pack dynamics, off leash safety, and was taught canine First Aid.

Olivia hiked many North Shore Mountains, learned the responsibilities of leadership, the importance of recognizing doggy body language and what a dog requires to sustain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

A few years later Olivia and her husband decided to permanently relocate to Vancouver Island and found their piece of paradise in Shawnigan Lake. 

Since establishing themselves in Shawnigan Lake, Olivia is now the proud owner and operator of K9 Trekkers; a dog walking company built on the knowledge, experience, and understanding of what every dog needs and deserves in order to be a happy, socially acceptable, and a well balanced pet.

RIP Sadie and Zeeka ...

RIP Sadie and Zeeka ...

.... our kitty Ca-plump

.... our kitty Ca-plump

Our newest addition to the family, rescue mixed breed puppy Kaeda!

Our newest addition to the family, rescue mixed breed puppy Kaeda!